Finding Love Again

Helping Professional Men and Women Rapidly Move on From Their Ex With Clarity and Purpose in 4 Stages

Who Am I?

Plagued by 20 years of failed relationships, suffering endless cycles of abandonment and rejection, led me to eventually uncover unique solutions to rapidly transform my grief and heartbreak into living an inspired life, whilst simultaneously manifesting my ideal partner. These solutions, backed by both modern science and ancient wisdom, have been part of an ongoing study and training regimen for the past 10 years.

The turning point was in 2016 when my long-term partner suddenly left. We had spent the previous four years building a life and a home together. I honestly did not see it coming. Even though I was completely devastated, confused, and wallowing in self-pity, a tiny part of me had a glimpse that this was an opportunity. An opportunity to apply my unique knowledge and training onto myself, as a case study, document my transformation out of heartbreak and grief, and into a fulfilling and inspired life.

Once I saw the results in my own life and was amazed at the speed at which transformation is possible, I reviewed the methods I took and replicated the process. I now help others transcend the grief from relationship break-ups and how to use it as an opportunity to transform their lives.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

If you’re a professional man or woman over 30 who

  • Is suffering grief or heartbreak from death, divorce or relationship breakdown
  • Is grieving the loss of the dreams and future life and family that went along with being with them.
  • Feels paralysed or stuck in life and barely maintaining enough focus to live beyond day by day
  • Feels lonely and that having a partner would fill that void
  • Feels abandoned, cast aside, or betrayed
  • Feels their finances are being impacted whether directly or indirectly from the relationship ending.

Who It Is Not For?

The program is not

  • For those who are seeking legal advice
  • For those seeking medical advice
  • For those not willing to take responsibility and do the work required to make permanent shifts in their life.
Preliminary Session

Welcome and Design Phase


For me connect with you, to understand and prioritize your problems so we can focus on solving the most pressing issues first. We both together will unpack the core problems you are facing and design the program sequence for you to receive the fastest relief.


We often talk about our pain and hurt to our friends or family who mean well, want to help but don’t know how to relieve us of our pain. It can be comforting but it actually delays healing and can strengthen those emotionally painful neuropathways, further entrenching the hurt, delaying our return to a normal life once again. In this initial session, you will finally be heard by someone who will be able to understand the pain you are going through and who has the skills and knowledge to help you break free of it.

Module One

Know Thyself


  • To uncover what is truly important to you. The first and most important step in living a life of mastery.
  • To lay the foundation for understanding yourself and your purpose.


Most people go through life having no idea what truly is important to them. They are running around blind from one frame to the next, being pulled along and controlled through life with their subconscious at the helm. This results in our conscious mind and subconscious pulling in different directions, instead of in unison, triggering a multitude of negative emotions, reactions and behaviours. Leaving this unchecked can lead us to a life of confusion and mediocrity at best, or into the dark depths towards depression and beyond at worst.

With this module you’ll uncover the aspects in life that are truly important to you so you can begin to align and take control of your life in accordance with what you will discover. A life lived with authenticity, congruency, empowerment and self-mastery.

Module Two

First Step of Dissolving Grief – Nothing is Missing


  • We are going to break the sense of despair and discontinuity you are feeling and have you start feeling connected to a greater sphere of life.
  • You will start to see behind the scenes of what exactly is behind your emotions of grief and heartache. This is the first step to overcoming grief.
  • You will discover that all the things you believe and convince yourself are missing and contribute to your heavy emotions of grief and loss, are actually still 100% percent present and accounted for in your life. 


It is a myth that it takes a long time to heal emotionally from losing a loved one. It can take as little as a few hours. As you work through this module, with my help, you will start to gain a broader awareness and appreciation of the very special people already in your life. To the degree you become aware of this you will noticeably begin to observe your grief slipping away.

Uncover the simple yet, very little known truth when it comes to grief and loss. That nothing is missing, but only fragmented out into the people surrounding us. We will go through together, identify and regather these dispersed fragments that underly all forms of grief and emotions of loss.

Module Three

Dissolve the Heartbreak / Loss / Grief


  • To dissolve the heartache and grief within 3 hours.
  • To understand the mechanics of heartache and grief, why they trigger excruciating emotions, how to dissolve these emotions, and be taken through to a state of gratitude and relief.


You woke up this morning, imagining their smell, their voice, their touch, you suddenly remember you two are no longer together and start to have that heavy sinking feeling in your heart again. They’re gone. You start to miss them, yearn for them, what you had together, and what could of been. The crushing realization that it is gone, and it’s not coming back. People live with this feeling for months or years after a dissolution of an intimate relationship or marriage. It affects their life, their health, their friendships, their finances, their careers, future relationships and sabotage attempts to live a fulfilling life.

Now imagine waking up the very next morning feeling joy, peace and inspired. Grateful and relieved to finally get your life back, brimming with excitement on what the future may hold. People take notice of you and your energy, you will be asked what you have done, you will not look like a grieving person, because you won’t be. That is what is waiting for you at the end of this module.

Getting over someone does not need to take years, months, weeks or even days. I’m going to personally take you through the steps that allowed me to get over my ex within hours and that will do the same for you.

Module Four

Quantum Leap in Consciousness


  • Here is where you will, with my help, take practical steps towards solving your problems, gain astonishing insights, balance emotions, expand and fulfill your life’s potential.
  • You will dissolve the anger and resentment that is behind the self-destructive behaviours preventing you from living a fulfilling life.
  • To experience a love and appreciation towards your ex-partner allowing you break free of the shackles of anger, shame and guilt.
  • To harness and release the trapped imbalanced emotional energy into true power to create your life as you want it.


This module is the culmination of the whole program and will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have. Imagine being the person where no matter what happens to you, you have the poise, wisdom and know-how to overcome anything that is thrown at them.

While we dissolve the grief in Module 3, remaining emotions around our ex can thwart our efforts to make permanent change, sometimes resulting in regression. In this module we will work together through 1-1 sessions, with me guiding you through the maze of emotions and finally break their hold over you. You will gain powerful life shifting insights that, will result in permanent shifts in your mind and in your behaviour towards the life of your dreams.

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