Michael Golowyn

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to help you rapidly dissolve the heart break and grief you are experiencing, and to create shifts that will spontaneously give rise to a fulfilling and inspired life. The way we do that is to work with you 1 on 1 to establish the problem/s that require solving, then design a plan tailor made for your specific issues, and then take you through various processes over a period of several weeks. You will start to see shifts and results almost immediately, but after the full process, you will essentially be a different person. The most authentic ‘you’ you will have experienced to date.


I believe in efficiency of efforts and maximising our potential as human beings. You deserve it and if you suddenly find yourself suffering from grief and heartbreak from a relationship dissolution, divorce or break up, you have a great opportunity at your disposal to leap towards your destiny.

People who have gone or are going through an intimate relationship ending often experience a range of negative emotions which can be inconvenient at best and absolutely debilitating at worst. It’s the same as experiencing withdrawal from a powerful narcotics substance, which can induce clinical depression and in extreme cases lead to suicide and/or homicide. The emotions can be overwhelming or managed depending on the strength of the grief and how it has propagated and negatively affected other areas in our lives.

If not dealt with adequately, our health and well-being may suffer, our careers and finances can be impacted, friendships destroyed, and we may find ourselves resorting to abusing substances such as alcohol or drugs to help us try to escape the pain and chaos reigning in our minds. We become slaves and prisoners to our emotions. Therefore, effectively transcending our extreme emotions becomes a priority if we wish to move out of survival mode and thrive.


When I went through what I am prepared to guide you through, I met my ideal partner and ideal relationship within an hour of completing the process.

What we do to change that is to release the trapped energies bound up with our powerful emotions. Once they are released the energy is now available to create our lives the way we want it.

Depending on what you value is what will begin to show up for you during this programme.

You value companionship and relationships you will attract your ideal partner

You value career and finances you will attract opportunities to boost them in your life

You value health and well being, then it will become a dominate focus in your life.

Your life will shift and opportunities will show up to the degree you put the effort in to change your circumstances, and the degree we work together to achieve your desired goals.

Once we are done, you will look back and feel that your perceived loss of love and subsequent grief was the best thing that could have happened to you, and I would love to see your transformation.


This happens faster than we realise but it hinges on the accurate and effective use of the techniques we have at our disposal.

After experiencing 20 plus years of repeated heartbreak and loss I came to discover processes that can, not only alleviate the emotional pain, but also the key to manifesting our ideal relationships.

We will determine what issues and problems you are facing, help you find immediate relief about some key moments, find out what is really important to you and where your purpose lies, then we will customise the processes for your circumstances and guide you through to the transformation you are desiring.

2. What can I expect from the call?

After a brief discussion, we will find out exactly what is holding you back from being able to move on, why it is occurring and discuss the steps required to help you overcome your obstacles in love and life. You will gain insights into the nature of relationships, separation, rejection and the role that grief or heartbreak plays in your life. If nothing else, you will gain clarity on your situation and useful insights on how to deal with any challenges going forward.

3. Who is Michael Golowyn?

I am a person who has struggled through decades of rejection and heartbreak and is on a quest to find answers that plague all who find themselves grieving or heartbroken. Being an academic (holding Bachelors and Masters degrees in various fields) and having a background in science and engineering, I found myself drawn to the work of Dr John Demartini, where he merges metaphysical ideas with modern scientific knowledge. This started a decade of training and studying the methods, that once applied to my situation, left me in no doubt in our ability to be able to dissolve any problem, within the wisdom of our own being.

I have been assisting clients dissolving their grief since 2015 and am continually learning, growing and applying the knowledge I’ve attained so I can share it with others in distress. I have co-authored best selling book “Transforming Your Life Volume 2” to get my message out there that we need not stay stuck in grief or heartbreak longer than necessary.



Johannesburg, South Africa

“…We only had 45 mins or so to work together, he asked what my biggest block was at the time which was to work on my past relationships in order to clear hurt and resentment. I had been single for 4 years and hadn’t met anybody worth dating yet. The desire to be in a relationship with a complimenting partner and start a family was so big, but I was so closed off and hadn’t allowed myself to meet the right partner. Michael got me to a place both mentally and emotionally that it felt as if the hurt strings were being cut off to open the light for gratitude to enter.
Being patient but firm in his approach, Michael guided me to dive into all the aspects that I perceived was blocking me from meeting the right partner, to then acknowledging that that particular relationship came with lessons too, that I am so grateful for to this day. Fast forward about a year, I met Michael at another event except this time I was pregnant and engaged! I showed off my new accessories and joked that Michael is due to pay for the wedding and diapers Haha!
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If you’re feeling like there is a boulder in the way of you opening yourself up to love, deepening your relationships or even thinking you need to move past whatever it is that’s holding you back, I highly recommend booking a session with Michael Golowyn!”